Le Chien Lunatic
Eyeball Planet, New York (2003)

1) Zeppelin Tombant Toujours    (Zeppelin Always Crashing)
2) Tournez Dans Toi    (Revolve in You)
3) Le Président Était Coup    (The President Was Shot)
4) Cyclops Capitaine De Le Sousmarin Nucléaire  (Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain)
5) Oiseaux Rouge    (Originally Written in French, means "Red Bird")
6) Putain    (Also...Originally Written in French)
7) Vol     (Fly)
8) Fille Anglaise    (English Girl)
9) Casanova    (Womanizer)
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney

(note: the original CD-R Special edition of this Album featured the song Rock Et Roll Tout Le Nuit , a French Language version of the song Rock and Roll all Night by Kiss. The song was removed for the Snocap Download edition because of some unresolved copyright issues. We will probebly release the track later on its own once the permissions issue is cleared. Perhaps with a group of other cover songs....)

This concert was recorded in BRUXELLES at the BOTANIQUE on March 21st, 1999 as part of a French language music festival called "Parcours Chanté" which means "Singing Path" in French. Of course I normally do not sing in French, but for this occasion I decided to translate some of my songs and I did so in the worst way possible--by going on-line to the translation page at AltaVista and translating all my lyrics via computer. The results, mixed with my crude pronunciation of this language, can be heard on this record. If you can understand it, that's great--if you can't, that's normal.

At the time I was touring in support of The Zeppelin Record (Lithium 1998) playing concerts solo with pre-recorded back-up tracks using a minidisk machine, a bit like Karoke. The recording itself is at times a little crude, sometimes slightly distorted, and if you hear a bit of tape hiss, that is only the sound of the minidisc machine. That said, it's an excellent document of the concerts I had been giving in Europe at the time, and this one is totally unique in that it's in French, of all things. As soon as I heard this, I knew that I HAD TO MAKE A RECORD OF THIS! I think you'll agree. Unlike anything I've ever released before.