Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain
Shimmy-Disc, New York (1991)

1 you hit me over my head
2 cyclops nuclear submarine captain
3 south american eye
4 swan
5 ferris wheel
6 toilet!
7 silkworm exploding
8 window fall down
9 float
10 love bomb
11 revolution of the homeless
12 flying saucer over mongolia
13 beautiful trailor park
14 apple mary
15 flower garden bed
16 carnival in the swamp
17 so painful
18 cyclops N.S.C. (reprise)
19 shopping mall
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney.

Cyclops Nuclear Submarine Captain was released in 1991 by Shimmy-Disc Produced and engineered by Kramer at Noise New York. Musicians: Dogbowl, Michael Schumacher, Christopher Tunney, Lee Ming Tah, Kramer, Race Age. .