Fantastic Carburetor Man
Eyeball Planet, New York (2003)

1 mir
2 hello albatross (download sample)
3 riverside
4 fantastic carborator man (download sample)
5 transplant her slowly
6 floating chrysanthemum
7 you love me
8 oiseau rougue
9 you in the telstar
10 sidewalk open
11 giant wasp running
12 a whale with legs
13 a broken heart (it ain't no good)
14 toupee it flies
15 the 1972 christmas bombing of north vietnam
16 moths fluttering under streetlamps
17 bus
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney.

Fantastic Carburetor Man released in 2001 by Eyeball Planet Produced and engineered by Dogbowl at The Eyeball Planet Studio, New York. Musicians: Dogbowl on all instruments.

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