Songs For Narcisse
Eyeball Planet, New York (2005)

1.Narcisse (download sample)
2.On a One-Wheel (download sample)
3.A Constant Ringing
5.Ballad of the Boywonder
6.Lucinda Met a Boy
7.Love-Self (download sample)
8.Here Comes the Buzzbomb
9.A Thousand Anxities
10.9mm Glock
11.Penguin Jetliner
12.She Likes Fur
13.Love Another

All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney
except track 5 by Michel Cloup.
"Love Another" and "Love-Self", Music by Dogbowl, Lyrics based on text by Jean Jacques Rousseau

Produced by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney. Recorded at the Eyeball Planet, NYC, Feb-March 2005
Dogbowl: Vocals, Guitars
Sidney Fleshflower: Bass
Stephanie Samplestein: Drums
Kiss-Kiss: Electric Harpsitron

 All dogbowl songs copyright © 2005 Stephen Tunney

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