Project Success
Shimmy-Disc, New York (1993)

1 windmills falling
2 train goes away
3 hemophiliac of love
4 concrete table of love
5 going out on a date (with a girl that you like)
6 steamboat
7 thinking of omaha
8 reeperbahn
9 stalker
10 without you
11 kind of girl
12 delightful day
13 harmonica
14 red rug
15 I pick daiseys
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney.

Project Success released in 1993 by Shimmy-Disc Produced and mixed by Kramer at Noise New Jersey. Engineered by Jamie Harley. Musicians: Dogbowl, Lee Ming Tah, Christopher Tunney, Kramer, Race Age, Sean Eden. .