Tit! (An Opera)
Shimmy-Disc, New York (1989)

1 on the monkeybars
2 starving for love
3 obsessed with girls
4 oklahoma
5 under the water
6 the girl with the pelican hair
7 miss you so much (I can die)
8 growing up in a wheelchair
9 volcano
10 sad fellow
11 krystellina
12 when the romans died
13 anastasia
14 sex gorillas
15 dolphin
16 daytime
17 I had a dream of the plague
18 flowers for katrinka
19 marla sits
20 one so black
21 head caves in
22 blue eyes
All songs written by Dogbowl aka Stephen Tunney.

Tit! (An Opera) released in 1989 by Shimmy-Disc Produced and engineered by Kramer at Noise New York. Musicians: Dogbowl, Christopher Tunney, Lee Ming Tah, Charles Curtis, Kramer. .